ForgeRock Documentation Tools 3.0.0 Release Notes

ForgeRock Documentation Tools is a catch all for the doc Maven plugin, default branding and common content, the doc Maven archetype, sites where we post documentation, and the documentation about documentation.

The link to the online issue tracker is


Changes to default output formats

The fix for DOCS-144 makes Bootstrap-styled HTML and PDF the only default formats. To build other formats, set the formats property as in -Dformats=xhtml5.

Changes to site layout

The fix for DOCS-260 includes each type of HTML output in its own directory under site/doc as described below.

Changes to plugin execution goals

The fix for DOCS-108 is a major refactoring of the doc Maven plugin.

As a result of the refactoring, the plugin now has these goals:

  • A pre-site phase process goal to pre-process documents
  • A pre-site phase build goal to generate output
  • A site phase site goal to copy documents to a site layout
  • A site phase release goal to copy documents to a release layout

All configuration elements can be used in the top-level plugin configuration, rather than the per-execution configurations.

These changes mean that you must update your POM in order to use this version. See the README for this version for details.

Changes to plugin configuration

The fix for DOCS-240 replaces configuration parameters <include> and <excludes> with <formats>.

The fix for DOCS-239 eliminates configuration settings not generally set by any projects using the plugin.

The fix for DOCS-237 introduces a new configuration parameter, <skipUrlPatterns>.

The fix for DOCS-216 introduces a new configuration parameter, <doCreateArtifacts>, to build artifacts from pre-processed sources. See the explanation below for details.

Due to changes in the plugin architecture, the fix for DOCS-194 in this release does not provide the configuration option <overwriteGeneratedSource>, but instead provides similar capability through other settings. See the explanation below for details.

Changes to source code licensing

ForgeRock doc build tools have moved to CDDL to align with other ForgeRock projects.

What’s New

This section lists many, but not all of the new features and improvements for this version.

DOCS-296: Include support for DocBook profiling

During the pre-processing phase the build plugin makes it possible to use conditional text with DocBook profiling attributes.

In the source, set profiling attributes on elements to identify their profiles:

<para os="linux">This is about Linux.</para>
<para os="windows">This is about Windows.</para>
<para condition="local-db">Include if local-db is delivered.</para>

In the plugin configuration, specify the inclusions and exclusions. For example, to include the paragraphs about Linux and Windows, and to exclude the local-db paragraph:

  <os>linux windows</os>

Notice that multiple values for profile attributes are separated by spaces.

After pre-processing, the source looks like this:

<para os="linux">This is about Linux.</para>
<para os="windows">This is about Windows.</para>

For the list of supported profiling attributes, see

DOCS-272: Create thumbnails of images for Bootstrap output

Thumbnails of all .PNG images are now created, having a filename prefixed with thumb_. The thumbnail images are used by the forgerock-doc-default-branding plugin to enhance the functionality of the Bootstrap format documentation.

  • Images that are wider than 720 pixels are copied and resampled to 720 pixels wide, maintaining aspect ratio.

  • Images that are 720 pixels wide or less are copied as-is without resizing or resampling.

DOCS-265: Provide alternate release layout

  • apidocs/ contains folders of any generated HTML-based documentation, such as Javadoc, that is not built from normal documentation sources, including a meta.json file inside each folder to specify the name of the document. The artifacts must be specified in the configuration. An example meta.json file looks like this:
    "title": "OpenAM 12.0.0 Javadoc"
  • docbook/ contains the pre-processed DocBook XML sources suitable for formatting by a separate program.

  • docset.json specifies meta information about the documentation set. For example:

    "product": "OpenAM",
    "version": "12.0.0",
    "language": "en",
    "released": "2014-12-17"
  • pdf/ contains PDF files corresponding to the DocBook XML sources, named as <Product-from-docset-json>-<Version>-<Doc-name>.pdf.

DOCS-264: Refine PDF naming for release documentation

The fix allows the plugin to handle project names that include spaces.

DOCS-261: Allow building output formats from pre-processed DocBook XML 5

If the DocBook XML sources have already been fully pre-processed, set <usePreProcessedSources>true</usePreProcessedSources> (or -DusePreProcessedSources=true) and set <docbkxSourceDirectory> (or -DdocbkxSourceDirectory) to the file system directory containing the pre-processed sources.

DOCS-260: Separate different types of HTML output

The fix for this issue separates the 4 types of HTML output, bootstrap, (single-page & chunked) html, webhelp, xhtml5, when preparing the site layout, by keeping each in its own folder: site/doc/bootstrap, site/doc/html, site/doc/webhelp, site/doc/xhtml.

If you have been using links to HTML in your Maven site documents such as doc/my-guide/index.html, then you must update those links after this fix is committed, for example doc/bootstrap/my-guide/index.html.

DOCS-253: Updated use of Google Analytics

This fix re-adds the Google Analytics tracking ID and code snippet to the Bootstrap format documentation.

The default Property ID UA-23412190-14 can be overridden by adding a <googleAnalyticsId> value to the <configuration> section of the plugin settings in the POM.XML. For example:


DOCS-239: Reduce the list of configuration settings

This change removes these configuration settings, relying instead on the default values:

  • <ansi>: true
  • <areSectionsAutolabeled>: true
  • <chunkedHTMLCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/html/chunked.xsl
  • <docbkxModifiableSourcesDirectory>: ${}/docbkx-sources
  • <docbkxOutputDirectory>: ${}/docbkx
  • <doesSectionLabelIncludeComponentLabel>: true
  • <epubCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/epub/coredoc.xsl
  • <foCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/fo/coredoc.xsl
  • <fontsDirectory>: ${}/fonts
  • <isXincludeSupported>: true
  • <javaScriptFileName>: uses-jquery.js
  • <manpagesCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/man/coredoc.xsl
  • <preSiteCssFileName>: ${}/coredoc.css
  • <releaseCssFileName>: ${}/dfo.css
  • <singleHTMLCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/html/coredoc.xsl
  • <useSyntaxHighlighting>: 1 (true)
  • <webhelpCss>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/webhelp/positioning.css
  • <webhelpCustomization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/webhelp/coredoc.xsl
  • <webhelpLogo>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/webhelp/logo.png
  • <xhtml5Customization>: ${}/docbkx-stylesheets/fo/coredoc.xsl

This change effectively reserves ${}/docbkx* for use by this plugin. This plugin uses ${}/fonts, ${}/coredoc.css and ${}/dfo.css.

This change also constrains the stylesheet names and layouts that custom branding artifacts can use.

DOCS-237: Provide a configuration parameter for passing skipUrl regexes

This introduces a <skipUrlPatterns> parameter that mirrors the one provided by docbook-linktester.

DOCS-235: Add PI for table header row color in PDF

This makes the table header row background color light gray in PDF.

DOCS-223: Add ForgeRock phone numbers in common content

The relevant file is shared/sec-contact-us.xml.

DOCS-216: Provide pre-processed sources as Maven artifacts

Unless you set <doCreateArtifacts> to false, the plugin builds a Maven artifact from pre-processed documentation sources.

The resulting artifact is named artifactId-version-doc-sources.jar, where artifactId and version are those of your project, and the classifier is doc-sources.

When building output directly from pre-processed sources, use the Maven dependency plugin to retrieve and unpack the sources before you call this plugin.


Skip the process goal in the configuration for this plugin, and instead specify <docbkxSourceDirectory> to pick up the pre-processed files.

DOCS-215: Add configuration for stopping at pre-processed DocBook

Superseded by DOCS-216.

DOCS-210: Create a Maven archetype for ForgeRock doc sets

See Generating a Basic Documentation Project in the README for details.

DOCS-203: Provide a convention for copying arbitrary files to the built documentation

The fix introduces two settings, <copyResourceFiles> (default: false), and <resourcesDirectory> (default: src/main/docbkx/resources).

See the README for additional information.

DOCS-198: Build a cleaner version of the HTML

You can now build XHTML5 that applies only default styles, plus syntax highlighting.

XHTML5 is not built automatically. Specify the format as an include.

mvn -Dformats=xhtml5 clean pre-site

The resulting documents are single pages, not chunked.

DOCS-194: Add option to allow merge of generated and docbkx source directories

This release introduces a boolean option, <overwriteProjectFilesWithSharedContent> (Default: true), that allows you to prevent shared content from being overwritten with shared content from the common content artifact. To avoid overwriting existing files with shared content, set the option to false.

One of the first things the plugin does when preparing DocBook sources is to make a working copy of the files that is separate from the sources in the <docbkxModifiableSourcesDirectory>. This allows the plugin to make changes to the files as necessary.

If for some reason you must provide the copy yourself, and your copy must be in the <docbkxModifiableSourcesDirectory>, then to prevent the plugin from replacing the copy, set <overwriteModifiableCopy> to false. The plugin with then pre-process the copy, however, so expect the files in your modifiable copy to be changed.

DOCS-192: Common content on working with commons REST

The file retrieved during pre-processing is ../shared/sec-about-crest.xml.

DOCS-187: Documentation for legacy versions should not have the report bug footer

The fix for this relies on a list of EOSL versions. If the current version matches a version in the EOSL list, then the footer is not shown in the HTML pages.

For the full list of EOSL versions, see the EOSL page at

DOCS-178: Apply Maven resource filtering to .txt files as well

The fix for this issue addresses both .txt and also .json files.

DOCS-149: Support citation of non-Java code samples

See Citing Text Files in the README for details.

DOCS-144: Style HTML output with Bootstrap UI

The fix for this introduces a bootstrap format that generates each document as a single HTML page styled with Bootstrap and including a left-menu TOC on screens of appropriate size.

This fix also sets the default formats to the equivalent of -Dformats=bootstrap,pdf.

DOCS-119: Support Maven 3.1 & 3.2

The plugin has been tested with Maven 3.0.5, 3.1.1, 3.2.3.

DOCS-108: Reconsider forgerock-doc-maven-plugin architecture

The fix for this issue is a major refactoring of the doc Maven plugin, and a simplification of the plugin configuration model.

The new architecture is described in the Design document.


This section lists many, but not all of the new fixes for this version.

DOCS-279: PDF: Less space after chapter headings

DOCS-278: Unused html directory created when you create local bootstrap output

DOCS-271: Running site twice without clean causes the build to fail

DOCS-244: Webhelp format does not include noindex,nofollow meta tag

DOCS-240: <include> (singular) and <excludes> are confusing

This fix replaces those settings with <formats>.

DOCS-233: Build plugin fails processing child module site

DOCS-225: Run docbook-linktester only on pre-processed DocBook files

DOCS-220: Chapter numbers should be included in WebHelp format

DOCS-213: Linktester phase in doc build plugin fails to detect broken links

DOCS-197: Prepending ↪ on mouseover is distracting

DOCS-189: Discontinue default support for RTF

DOCS-188: JavaScript icons in HTML to (un)fold screen are not accessible

The fix removes the icons and (un)fold functionality.

DOCS-184: Remove automatic line-breaking at the ‘?’ character

The fix only breaks URL lines longer than 80 characters in PDF.

DOCS-179: Issue with Maven HTML builds and images

DOCS-150: When a code sample is unwrapped, it it not limited to the width of the page

The fix for DOCS-188 removed the functionality that was causing the problem.

DOCS-59: Only the draft documents are optimized to appear in Google searches; the final docs need to be SEO too.

The fix adds a robots meta tag (noindex, nofollow) to site HTML, that it then removes from release HTML.

Known Issues

This section lists the main known issues at the time of release.

DOCS-290: Man pages not generated if project directory name contains a space

DOCS-270: Robot-indexed links to in-progress docs lose their fragments

DOCS-269: Webhelp does not include a link for reporting doc bugs

DOCS-268: Strange pdf output when using bridgeheads

DOCS-236: Webhelp stylesheets incorrectly resolve <xref> links

This issue occurs in one case that we know of.

DOCS-230: Bad line breaks in the middle of literals

Workaround: Check the PDF before you publish.

DOCS-226: XPointer resolution fails in XIncluded document

Workaround: Create a separate file to Xinclude containing the desired block element.

DOCS-190: PDF: release date and publication date are not shown

DOCS-163: The performance=“optional” attr in a step has no effect

DOCS-132: Soft hyphens used to break lines are rendered in PDF as hyphen + space

Although soft hyphens are not used in this release, the line break for hyphenation still remains.


Workaround: Fix the content after copy/paste.

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