ForgeRock Documentation Tools 2.1.5 Release Notes

ForgeRock Documentation Tools is a catch all for the doc build artifacts, sites where we post release documentation, and the documentation about documentation.

The link to the online issue tracker is


This release introduces a new configuration setting with the fix for DOCS-215.

It does not introduce any incompatible changes.

Improvements & New Features

DOCS-215: Add configuration for stopping at pre-processed DocBook

This improvement introduces a boolean configuration parameter, <stopAfterPreProcessing> (default: false).

When <stopAfterPreProcessing> is set to true, the build stops when DocBook XML requires no further pre-processing. The plugin logs a message indicating where to find the pre-processed files:

[INFO] Pre-processed sources are available under ...

Bugs Fixed

DOCS-213: Linktester phase in doc build plugin fails to detect broken links

DOCS-200: US phone number for ForgeRock has changed

DOCS-206: Webhelp in-progress docs are not clearly marked DRAFT

DOCS-171: Make Secondary Sub-Headings More Prominent

Known Issues

DOCS-224: Webhelp format; sections from one document appear temporarily as subsections in a second document

DOCS-220: Chapter numbers should be included in WebHelp format

DOCS-190: PDF: release date and publication date are not shown

DOCS-163: The performance=“optional” attr in a step has no effect

DOCS-150: When a code sample is unwrapped, it it not limited to the width of the page

DOCS-132: Soft hyphens used to break lines are rendered in PDF as hyphen + space

Although soft hyphens are not used in this release, the line break for hyphenation still remains.


Workaround: Fix the content after copy/paste.

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