ForgeRock Documentation Tools 2.1.3 Release Notes

ForgeRock Documentation Tools is a catch all for the doc build artifacts, sites where we post release documentation, and the documentation about documentation.

The link to the online issue tracker is

This release brings the following changes, and has the following known issues.


This maintenance release does not introduce configuration changes since 2.1.2.

You need only to update the plugin version.

Improvements & New Features

DOCS-72: Improve widow and orphan control in PDF

You can now use the processing instruction <?hard-pagebreak?> to force an unconditional page break in the PDF output.

This processing instruction cannot be used inline, but instead must be used between block elements.

Bugs Fixed

DOCS-162: <replaceable> tags within <screen> tags have no effect in the HTML

DOCS-173: Link text too dark in top-right banner showing latest release

Known Issues

DOCS-132: Soft hyphens used to break lines are rendered in PDF as hyphen + space

Although soft hyphens are not used in this release, the line break for hyphenation still remains.


Workaround: Fix the content after copy/paste.

DOCS-150: When a code sample is unwrapped, it it not limited to the width of the page

DOCS-163: The performance=“optional” attr in a step has no effect

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