ForgeRock Doc Maven Plugin

Most core documentation sources for the open-source projects led by ForgeRock are DocBook XML and Asciidoc text files.

The open-source projects led by ForgeRock use Apache Maven for builds and to maintain project dependencies.

The forgerock-doc-maven-plugin and its dependencies make it possible to process core documentation sources and to build draft docs with Maven.

The plugin started out as a wrapper for the docbkx-tools plugin, which drives the DocBook XSL stylesheets in Maven builds. It has since grown to perform a variety of pre-processing tasks.

Get Started

The forgerock-doc-maven-plugin is available from ForgeRock’s Maven repository:

      <name>ForgeRock Release Repository</name>
      <name>ForgeRock Snapshot Repository</name>


Build Your Own

Build and run basic tests:

mvn -Pprecommit install

Also run integration tests:

mvn -Pprecommit,it install

Find Documentation

Find the documentation for the version you use with the source code at

See both the README and Release Notes files.


You can contribute to the plugin in several ways:

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